Balloon Workshop

Learn how to twist balloons today! For more pictures of our balloon workshop:

We have taught balloon sculpting for many parties and events in many schools, community centres, Student care centres and even in shopping centres! Our balloon workshop are suitable for children as young as 5 years old to adult as old as 50 years old! Everyone will get a chance to learn how to twist at least 3 different balloon sculptures.

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Corporate Companies and Organisations

For corporate companies and orgainsations, we can help you to plan a balloon workshop that can let the participants to twist various kinds of balloon sculptures and at the same time, learn and appreciate some project management principles, such as:

-“Deliverables must evolve gradually, in successive approximations.”
-“Project managers must fight for time to do things right.”
-“Project managers should acquire the best people they can and then do whatever it takes to keep the garbage out of their way.”

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Past Clients
Raffles Girls Secondary School
Hong Kah North Student Care Centre
Music & Movement Pte Ltd
Event Guru
Defence Science and Technology Agency
ONE°15 Marina Club
Hocky Pocky @ Suntec City
Hwa Chong International School
Ambrosia Communications Pte Ltd








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  1. Hi, what are your rates to conduct a balloon sculpting workshop for about 1hr? I’m looking to invite you to a corporate event. The workshop will be carried out in a retal store in a shopping mall for our customers. This will be done over a period of 6 weekends.

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